Enjoy amazing wildlife at Attean Lake Lodge


Summer Vacation in MaineThe area is of interest for those whose hobby is botany, geology, bird study or other form of nature study. Almost everyone enjoys viewing wildlife, whether it be a chipmunk scampering across your porch in search of food or a huge bull moose feeding at one of the lakes' tributaries.

Many of our guests enjoy taking one of our picnic lunches and hiking to remote ponds where we keep canoes under lock and key for your own private enjoyment. Along any of these remote trails it is possible to see many different species of wildlife and countless varieties of birds.

Another favorite day trip is canoeing the peaceful Moose River where the moose and deer love to come and cool off with a swim or have a drink of water. On your way to and from our island you will likely spot loons, our lake is home to many nesting pairs and it is a great joy to listen to their cry as they call to each other during the night.

For your added enjoyment we have hung humming bird feeders on each of our cottage's porch. Our housekeepers make sure they are refilled as needed.



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  • Testimonial 1
    Brad & Andrea,
    "We all had a terrific time at Attean last week. It's a great place for a family get together and the kids loved it. Thanks for bringing us back to life the way it was 100 yrs. ago."
    Sheri & Joel
  • Testimonial 2
    "You created this special place and it is unforgettable for all of us. The food was delicious, the staff friendly and we also appreciated the song-evening with your friends. Our stay was special from the minute we boarded the boat until the last breakfast."
    Doris & Pete
  • Testimonial 3
    Andrea & Brad,
    "We would like to thank you and your family for the wonderful days we spent on your island. We were treated so friendly from everybody you all showed us another side of the American way of life. We will never forget these five days."
  • Testimonial 4
    Brad & Andrea & Barrett, "We hope to have the opportunity to enjoy your lodge and cottages again!"
    ~ Alan & Gwinn
  • Testimonial 5
    Friends at Attean,
    "We just want to tell you how grateful we are that we found your "Unique Retreat" I must confess that being a city girl, I was somewhat nervous with the idea of a vacation in the Maine woods, how pleasantly surprised I was! Your attention to every detail was evident from the start, our cabin was luxurious and the food is outstanding. Our kids can't wait for us to take them back next summer."
    ~ Roger & Ellen
  • Testimonial 6
    "My favorite memories are of the summers I spent with my family vacationing at your splendid resort. I will soon be bringing my own family."
    ~ Greg Atkins
  • Testimonial 7
    "We would like to thank you for having us here and for the wonderful time we spent with you. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you again."
    The Szmolda family
  • Testimonial 8
    Attean Lake Lodge,
    When I tell people about my family's vacation last summer, I get one of two response: either "Log cabins, it must be wonderful!" or "No electricity, it must be boring!" They're both right. Attean Lake Lodge isn't for everyone, but for people who want to enjoy unspoiled nature without the hassles of camping, it's paradise. - read more
  • Testimonial 9

    "Nestled in the Maine’s picturesque and serene wilderness, the Attean Lake Lodge provided our team with the ideal opportunity to take a break from our usual, jam packed schedules and reconnect with each other, and ourselves. As I see it, our time at the Attean Lake Lodge was simply priceless, as it provided us with an opportunity to refresh, recharge and recommit ourselves to fulfilling our promise of empowering people to better navigate their health journeys. With new energy, ideas and motivation, we are excited to charge forward and bring Backpack Health to the next level."
    Jim Cavan, CEO and President of Backpack Health